The Pride Rebel Tour

June 21st, June 22nd & June 28th
The Pride Rebel Tour

To celebrate Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride 2019, join us for a special guided tour celebrating the diversity of the women and men that took part in Ireland’s struggle for social freedom and justice. Tour takes place on: Friday June 21st – 1:30 pm, Saturday June 22nd – 1:30 pm, Friday June 28th –5.30 pm, Maximum of 15 people per tour. Book your tickets here!

The 1916 Proclamation reads:

“The Republic guarantees religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities to all its citizens….”
From the amazing and short life of Sir Roger Casement, an internationally recognised humanitarian to Dr. Kathleen Lynn an advocate for the poor - Learn about other fascinating lives of those who, despite their personal struggles, made an impact on modern Ireland.

Pride Rebel Tour dates:
Friday June 21st – 1:30 pm
Saturday June 22nd – 1:30 pm
Friday June 28th –5.30 pm
Maximum of 15 people per tour
Student and senior rates €9.50
Adult €14.00

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